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Crime victim at Permai polyclinic
Image Source : Freddy Au Facebook

A girl at her early 20s, who jus completed Form6, was robbed at Suria Sabah Mall basement toilet TODAY on 6 Jan Monday at 710pm.

The illegal immigrant attacked her from behind and tried to snatch her handbag. She resisted and sustained 2 cuts on her hand and thigh.

Luckily a couple came out from the toilet and scared off the robber and he ran off without any valuables.

Crimes is on the rise now and all especially girls must be careful when u go out. Never assume it’s safe enough and never walk alone especially in any dark corner and in this case; it’s bright walkway towards the toilet at the basement. Always have company at all times.

It’s so ashamed that We can’t even feel safe now walking around KK areas even in the mall.

I hope Police can do more patrols to round up all these illegal immigrants and those who look suspicious.

Will pay Suria Sabah management a visit to inform them of such shocking incidents so they can rise up their security level to fight crimes to make Suria mall a safer place.

She went over to Permai Clinic for treatments after the attempted robbery. She went home straight without making police report.

She refused to be named.

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