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The original title for this post : Sabahan Bloggers list 2013

Recently I have a thought to gather information about all the Sabahan bloggers out there whether they are still active or not.Because from what I know they are many sabahan bloggers out there who start blogging as early as year 2007. But I think the year could be early than what I thought. From my google search there are a few website gathering information about Sabahan bloggers. But most of the blog gathering information already not active.

So I am taking my own initiatives to search and check whether the blog owned by Sabahan is still active.

The list in no specific order:

Massy – The life of psychotic weirdo [Not active since early 2013.]
Karulann – All about her, herself and only her story  [Unknown. Private blog.]
Wei Chuen – Girls, you cannot touch this guy.  [Active]
Bengodomon –Chronicles !  [Active]
WanderingSumandak –  [Blog has been removed.]
Friday Cat – Meow Meow Purr Purr. [Active]
LionelBlogs –  [Unable to access]
Jasmine –  [Unknown.Private blog.]
Sunsuron Guritom –  [Domain for sale.]
Pinolobu – [Unable to access]
Jefferi – [Change domain to]
MySabah – Photo gallery, videos and blog about Sabah [Active.]
Daphne Eleano Iking – [Unknown.Private blog]
Dee – Simply Dee – [Unable to access]
Ben from – [Domain for sale]
Vivien blogging from Nea Zealand! – Life Less Ordinary [Active]
Shana Adorablecat – [Not active since 2009]
Ned – The Chosen One from Tamparuli! [Active]
Josie – Love and Peace [Not active since 2011]
Amy – Baby Phoenix – read up! [Not active since 2011]
Anthony Lam – [Not active since 2012]
Siew Ling – [Not active since 2008]
Nazmieski – [Unknown. Japanese blog already]
Shueqry – [Active]
Triple D – [Active]
Mimi – The Voice Within [added at 11:30am 1 August 2007]
Jimmy – [Not active since 2008]
Joyce aka just call me auntie J – [Blog has been removed]
Being Tirut – [Domain for sale]
Steven Wong – [Not active since 2012]
Mohd Ishak Eshark Design – [Not active since 2012]
Carolchs – [Account suspended]
Sharon – [Active]
Sankai – [Active]
Bobby – [Not active since 2011]
Armstrong – Active
Daddy Keaton – [Active]
Etavasi – [Not active since 2009]
SuperZam – [Do not exist.]
SuperZamWife – [Not active since 2008]
Dinoza – [Domain for sale]
Quirin – [Not active since 2012]
KadusMama – [Not active since 2012]
Opzzpinky – [Active]
Warnnie Musah – [Active]
Cyril – [Active]

Thats all for today. I will update the list once more again.

For those Sabahan Blogger, if you want to be listed in my list you may leave me a comment.


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