Motivation – Sabah lad paints picture of success

[ideabox]P/S : Its all about your mind. If you have passion and fighting to get what you want then you will succeed.[/ideabox]

PETALING JAYA: With only RM50 and a one-way ticket from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur in his pocket, Donald Abraham made a journey that changed his life. He was only 20 then.

Now, the 32-year-old is earning big bucks for his art pieces and leaving his mark on walls around the country, including the tunnel linking Suria KLCC to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Publika Shopping Gallery and most recently at Uptown Damansara.

And instead of keeping his earnings for himself, he spends some of them to buy paintings done by his fellow artists, his way of supporting them.

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“I know what it’s like when my artworks are purchased. The person will be driven to paint even more,” he said.

The self-taught artist related how he sold his skateboard for RM150 and spent another RM100 to buy the air tickets after his friends in the city convinced him to come here to skate.

“When I reached the airport, I didn’t even know where to go. So, I called a friend who asked me to go to Klang and take a bus to Banting where my friends were staying.

“Unfortunately when I got here, they were busy with their exams and could not skate much,” he said at his studio in Ara Damansara.

After that, Abraham started doing odd jobs to keep himself afloat. The list includes being a handyman, designing tattoos and being a debt collector for banks.

“While I was a debt collector, I had the time to practise my drawing. It was a form of escapism from the world,” Abraham said.

He said his dabbling in art started to take off as a full-time career when a fellow artist asked him to draw and paint his own art pieces.

“When I first sold my four small art pieces for about RM400, it felt good. I felt encouraged to do more,” he said, adding that he decided to forgo a job interview for a bank after that.

He said his biggest score was RM5,000 for a huge painting he did, adding that his mother was proud of his achievements.

Abraham said he had sold between 50 and 70 pieces of his artworks in the past five years.Now, he is working on an art piece for the “m50” Selamat Hari Malaysia Exhibition to be held later this month.

Source : The Star Online

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