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I started my first  webhosting with and I still use their webhosting services until now. So far so good. I am really satisfied with their quality services and what I like the most about Internet-Webhosting is the price is cheap in terms of disk space and bandwidth. So in this article I would like to share some good tips on why you should go with Internet-webhosting.

For starters they are cheap.
Yes, there are other webhosting that are cheaper but if you compare the price in terms of bandwidth and diskspace I am sure that you will agree with me that Internet-webhosting is cheap.

But doesn’t a cheap price equate to cheap quality.
Yes, most of the time you will get a low quality product or services when it is cheap. But afraid not as Internet-Webhosting is an exception because they provide quality services in time. Which is FREE of Charge.

Before I proceed, I would like you to know that I signed up with their Standard plan. This plan give me 10 GB of disk space, 50GB of monthly bandwidth,free 1 domain registration,Preinstalled 140 + script, extra 4 domain hosting, unlimited email accounts and unlimited subdomain and unlimited mySQL databases which cost me RM80 only. Yes RM80 only. A similar package from another web hosting would cost me RM 150.

Standard Price Internet-Webhosting

Internet Webhosting Bloghosting Price List

As you can see from stats you can see that I use up to 13.66 GB a month. So for now, the standard plan that I sign up is fits for me. And there is still enough space and bandwidth for add on domain if I want because I can add up to 4 add on domain to host.(Other hosting services will charge you for extra add on domain.)

Stats of Arieon my for 2014

Stats of Arieon my for 2014

I know, its like super cheap. And who doesnt like cheap price with a good quality services.

For summary, I highly recommended because:)
They are (really …..) cheap
Customer service is reliable (Inquiries usually replied within a day)
Fantastico DeLuxe Scripts with 140+. (One click installation)
They have a good up-time of 99.9%. (So far, my blog has yet to be inaccessible due to server fault. )
Easy payment (some hosting needs over 3 days to complete, takes less than an hour)
Instant activation (if you are buying a new domain, you get the domain almost immediately)
No hidden charge.(The price you see is the price you will pay. Really.)

And hold on there… if you decide to go with them, use this Internet-Webhosting link.
You will get extra additional disk space and extra add on domain. More extra with the same price.
Who doesnt like extra right…

Internet-webhosting price structure

Special Internet-Webhosting Personal Blog Hosting Price List

So if you are close to renewing your domain, or you want a new hosting service, choose Internet-Webhosting. They are reliable and much cheaper.

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