Get FB Page Like ethically by bribing or ‘twisting’

Dear Friend

Ever wondered why some sites get ‘Liked’ by THOUSANDS when they aren’t anything special?

Or frustrated when the posts and pages that you’ve slaved away on for hours, days, even WEEKS sits there with no love, no likes (your family doesn’t count) and no viral traffic from FaceBook…

Your site is awesome, so what’s the deal?

The truth is, no matter how info-packed, interesting, or valuable your content, if you’re not ethically bribing or ‘twisting’ your visitor’s arms into ‘Liking’ you on FaceBook, and you’re not automating the entire process… then you’re just plain doing it wrong!

There is a secret the ‘Like – Elite’ don’t tell you…

promo get a like

Tit-for-tat. When your visitors give you something you want (a ‘like’), you give them something they want.  But you’re probably wondering, what in the world can I give them that would ‘gently’ encourage them to ‘Like’ me?

Truth is, you can give them whatever you like. That could be a simple blog post, an offer you’re holding back from the non-liking public, or heck, even a valuable gift (if you’re feeling generous that is!)

Use facebook traffic jacker to get auto like

In every fisherman’s life there comes a time where you’re sitting there catching one fish at a time with the same old rod, thinking,

“If only I had a net, I could catch that one fish and the whole school.” Well that’sEXACTLY what FBTraffic Jacker gives you the ability to do!

Once a single visitor latches onto your “Like” hook, it sends a message out to their whole ‘school’ and now the viral FaceBook traffic ‘net’ has been set, all you have to do is sit back and let the visitors swim right into your net… (Excellent, Yes I just said that in a creepy and sinister old man voice)

Spare The Rod – Use A Net
Turn Your Site Into A Viral FaceBook Traffic Net, Catching As Many
Ready To Be Eaten Visitors That Your WordPress Site Can Handle.

Be the MASTER Viral fisherman!

Imagine Being Able To Tell ALL Your Friends, Friend’s Friends and their Friends About YOUR Offer, almost on AUTO-PILOT!

And their sisters, brothers, cousins, parents and anyone else who views their FaceBook wall (like the ex. from way back in high school)

“This Gets YOUR Site In front of EVERYONE!”

It doesn’t get much easier than thisIn just a few simple steps you’ll be getting boat loads of fans and masses of traffic to your site, courtesy of FaceBook, and for free. 

Check Out How Simple It Is:

Step 1: Install and activate FBTraffic Jacker on your WordPress site
Step 2: Customize the settings to suit your needs
Step 3: Start seeing more ‘Likes’ from your traffic
Step 3: Enjoy the viral traffic jam you’ve just created

When it is that easy, it’s hard not to GET EXCITED!

That’s It!  Simple… Fast… Easy… and it works!


[yt video=”VcPsSVZm9MY” width=”560″ height=”340″ /]

FBTraffic Jacker is heavily customizable, You can set a delay before it appears, you can have close buttons and you can set the time until the pop up appears and much more…

… All of this means used correctly the plugin will be a benefit to you and your customers and not doing anything that is questionable.

Just Some Of FBTraffic Jacker’s Pop-Up Configuration Options:

  • Customize Pop-Up Title & Message

  • Multi-Language: English, French, German, Italian & Spanish

  • Customize Overlay & Background Colours To Match Your Blog Theme

  • Delay Pop-Up Appearance

  • Use Timer To Auto-Close Pop-Up

  • Set Cookie To Hide From Repeat Visitors

  • Change Button Style: (Even display faces of people who have liked)

  • Change Action Type: Use Either Like or Recommend Buttons

  • Change Font And Colour Scheme

  • Change The Liked Link To A Fan Page (or any other site/page you want)

Get Started Right Away…

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